extensive experience in ecommerce on multi platform

Our e-commerce solutions range from multi-vendors to complex online e-payment systems

Our custom open source e-commerce MVP solutions – Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customer (B2C) or Customer to Customer (C2C) have helped customers launch their retail businesses with ease. Our proven e-commerce technology solutions have helped clients with a robust, modular, scalable and cost-effective platforms.


Our Ecommerce Development Process for Amazing Shopping Experience

  • We help in developing a responsive E-Commerce Web and Mobile Apps with features such as Multi-Vendor, Engaging & responsive landing pages, Billing, Invoices, flow for abandoned carts, Cross-sell, Up-sell, booking , Payment Gateways, API Integrations, Customize themes, , etc.
  • We have built number of Data Scraping tools which can scrape extract product information (product ID, product descriptions, full product titles, detailed product specs, product and brand images, pricing info, quantity-based discounts, etc.) from E-Commerce/ shopping site so as to manage a database of products and leverage the required information.
  • Tech Stack: Laravel, PHP, OpenCart, MySQL, Zoho One Products, Twilio, Mailgun
  • Rental E-Commerce Mobile App and Web Application: Rental E-commerce solutions and E-commerce Mobile App allows Product owners to Rent their products across various Categories and Sub-Categories which include Home Appliances, Industrial Solutions, Lawn & Garden, Moving & Travel, Music & Electronics, Party & Event, Safety, Sports & Outdoor, Tools & Hardware and More.
  • Tech Stack: Laravel, PHP, OpenCart, MySQL, Zoho One Products, Twilio, Mailgun
  • Our electronic patient health information in the healthcare portal platform is secured through SSL encryption complying with HIPAA rules and guidelines, besides maintaining an information audit trail on who has accessed the required information
E-Commerce Web & Mobile App Feature

E-Commerce Web & Mobile App Feature

  • Product Pickup and Delivery
  • Camera and QR Code Integration
  • Real-Time Map Tracking
  • Push Notification
  • Inventory and Warehouse Integration
  • Driver Tracking and Route Optimization

E-commerce product management tool

Our Product Management tool was developed to bring a 360-degree view of the Product line involving both Upstream and Downstream workflow. We built customized Web Crawlers to scrap the required product attributes across various e-commerce sites as part of the Upstream workflow.

Features of product management software

  • Product Scraping
  • User Role Management
  • Product Management
  • Secure Payment Gateway
  • Admin Panel
  • Alerts & Notification
Ecommerce product management

E-commerce inventory management tool

Our in-house Inventory management tool has helped clients in managing their product catalogs and integrating seamlessly with their e-commerce platforms. Our robust inbound and outbound data workflows have been integrated to help in managing all product line attributes to ensure that the e-commerce platform is well integrated and automated to handle any product line. The tool interfaces with all endpoints and provides a 360° view of any product catalog on the platform


E-Commerce Inventory Management Software

  • Inventory Optimization
  • Stock Forecasting
  • Stock Movement (In/Out)
  • Warehouse Management

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E-Commerce Financial Accounting Integration

We have developed and integrated financial books involving 3rd party APIs such as SalesForce, Zoho Books, Zoho Invoice, Quickbooks, etc. All credit and debit transactions in the platform are handled through workflows and managed in appropriate Bank and Card accounts.

Third party integration

  • Sales Force Entities such as Carts, Orders , Accounts 'API Connectors’.
  • Finance Modules of Zoho, viz. Zoho-Inventory, Zoho-Invoice & Zoho-Books 'API Connectors’ using the ‘API-Token’ Concept.
  • Sales Modules of Zoho, viz. Zoho-CRM & Zoho-Analytics, and Support Module of Zoho, viz. Zoho-Desk.
  • noun-street-vendors-5526314 1

    Multi Vendor Stores

  • Dynamic Login

    3rd Party Vendors

  • noun-logistics-5437310 1

    Logistics & Route Optimization

  • calender

    Custom Calender Scheduling

  • noun-delivery-6365546 1

    Custom Delivery Pickups

  • chat

    Tab Title SMS Notification

  • Google Map

    Google Map Integration


E-Commerce API Integration

We have integrated E-Commerce API with various services to accomplish the following features

  • Multi-Vendor Stores
  • 3rd Party Vendors
  • Logistics & Route optimization
  • Custom Calendar Scheduling
  • leet management involving in-house and contract drivers
  • Google Map Real-time Tracking
  • Custom Delivery Pickups and Drop-offs
  • Tab Title SMS Notifications and Alerts
  • Flow for abandoned cart, cross-sell, promotion with template
E-Commerce Product Analysis and Forecasting
  • We have built customized analytical dashboards and provided forecasting and predictive reports using data visualization tools such as Tableau.
  • Our predictive machine learning algorithms have been developed to provide Inventory forecasting for product lines in a given Inventory warehouse and predict the stocks over any given period of time.
  • Child check documentation
  • We have also built a predictive pricing model using Machine learning to predict the price of a Product over a period of time-based on various product parameters both external and internal.
  • Our secured e-payments have been integrated with Stripe platform to handle both credit and debit transactions using Credit/Debit Cards and Bank Accounts.
  • We have built an additional security layer in account verification for automated payouts to the seller. All sensitive transactional data including Card/Band details are stored under 3rd party e-payment sites such as Stripe to ensure data protection and privacy.
  • Our payment processors include custom checkouts with ‘Fee Structure’, 'Membership Plans’ , ‘Discount Rate’, ‘Coupon Code’ ‘Gift Certificate’ including Taxation.
  • Our Logistics Distribution System features have been developed to take care of the entire product distribution between Buyers, Sellers, and Warehouse.
  • A driver module including a calendar scheduling system has been implemented and automated for drivers to handle delivery and pickup of products.
  • The warehouse manager can track, assign and manage the entire logistics which includes features. Our logistics services include Driver delivery functionalities, Fleet management , Drop-shipping, Pickups, etc.
  • We have also built a predictive pricing model using Machine learning to predict the price of a Product over a period of time-based on various product parameters both external and internal.

Our E-Commerce Full StackTechnology Services

  • We provide customized e-commerce solutions for service providers, renters, sellers, and buyers. We have implemented service provider platforms to make services easily available at an affordable cost for users to meet their daily household needs and rental platforms for Product owners to rent their products.
  • Our e-commerce platforms run across Full Stack technologies leveraging AWS cloud services. We follow a complete end-to-end Agile process as part of our e-commerce development, maintenance, and support.
  • Our enterprise e-commerce applications are robust, modular, and easily customizable across multiple platforms with easy integration with 3rd party products such as Twilio (mobile notifications), Logistics (Fleet management), Accounting Systems such as Quickbooks, etc.., E-Commerce API Integration such as Payment Gateways, Taxation, Custom Checkouts, Application Security, Inventory management, Image processing, Product Web crawling, Google API’s, etc.
E commerce full stack
Dropshipping model

Manage's Your Company Without A Physical Location, Inventory or Warehouse

  • This type of e-commerce sector has several benefits. The major benefit is that you don't have to manage or store the products you sell in your online store.
  • We can design your website to reflect your company's values and brand image. To be successful, you must first acknowledge your competition and its e-commerce solutions. When conducting an industry analysis for a client, we look at prospective competitors for perspectives into what works in that specific niche.
  • Our E-commerce solutions help you to embark on your online journey with a website/app. Our development team will walk you through the features and functionalities needed to create a high-quality E-commerce Web and mobile application.

Enhance your E-Commerce platform with our cutting-edge dropshipping features

  • Order Management
  • Manage Multiple Stores
  • Reports
  • Add Products & Variants
  • Pricing of the Products
  • Multiple payment options
  • Multiple staff accounts
  • Calculate Shipping Rate
  • Ease to Add Products & Variants
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Real-time inventory
  • Multiple shipment options
  • Finding & Filtering Products
  • Bulk Order Upload
  • Live chat & email
  • Calculate Shipping Rate
  • Ease to Add Products & Variants
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Real-time inventory
  • Multiple shipment options
  • Finding & Filtering Products
  • Bulk Order Upload
  • Live chat & email
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