Bio Safety & Wellness Application

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inventory forecasting


  • Inventory Optimization
  • Stock Forecasting
  • Stock Movement (In/Out)
  • Warehouse Management
akratech portal

akratech portal

  • No. of products
  • No. of Product Rented
  • New products/Period
  • Delisted products/Period
  • Rental Orders/Period (month)
  • Days rented/Period (month)
  • Rentals by each period of time (1, 2…7…30 days)
  • Avg days/rental
  • Rental Revenue/Period
  • Avg Revenue/Rental Order
  • Days rented/Period
  • Avg Products/Rental Order
  • Product Rating
  • Total Users
  • Total Owners
  • Total Revenue/Client/Period
  • Avg Revenue/User/Period
  • New Users and Owners/Period
  • Gross revenues
  • Gross and net profit
  • Customer acquisition cost (CAC)
  • Customer lifetime value (LTV)
  • The average revenue per user (ARPU)
  • Supply Expense/Revenue
  • Revenue/sq ft
  • No. of PU’s & Deliveries/period
  • No. of PU’s & Deliveries/FTE/period
  • Avg. PU’s and Deliveries/period
  • PU’s vs Deliveries
  • Average time to PU or Deliver products
  • No. of PU’s and Deliveries by each employee/period
  • No. and % of on-time PU’s & Deliveries
  • Field Revenue/FTE

Our Challenges / Solutions

We have prepared Wireframes and Front end design using Adobe XD, Photoshop in coming up with the initial design and mockup and followed by further design revisions 

  • Design graphic user interface elements, like menus and tabs
  • Illustrate design ideas using storyboards, process flows
  • Built page elements such custom graphics and illustrations
  • Developed UI mockups and prototypes that clearly illustrate how sites function and look like
  • Layout adjustments based on user feedback

Our Development Team came up with the technical architecture followed by data flow design, process flow design, flow charts, and technical documentation 


We used PHP Tech Stack with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) which let “Plug in” to other Useful Features. Through our highly skilled and certified developers, we developed custom solutions and technical services on a wide range of requirements and thereby exceeding the client’s expectations. This has all been achieved through our efficient coding best practices, development processes, implementation guidelines, technical maturity & end to end delivery.

We performed a comprehensive test strategy since technology stack undergo constant changes due to upgrades in web and mobile technologies. Our testing included exhaustive functional and non-functional testing, manual and automation testing besides performance and security testing. Our automated Application Testing and Performance Analysis ensured testing the applications on multiple devices and form factors and make the testing process quick, efficient, reliable, repeatable and reusable.

Our comprehensive application testing coverage included  the following:

  • Functional testing including UI testing for native, hybrid and web applications
  • Cross Browser Testing across various browser platforms
  • Cross platform testing: iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry and HTML5
  • Non-functional testing: Performance, stability, security and compliance
  • Usability and compatibility testing

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