• User Registration
  • LLC formation for 51 states
  • Pricing packages
  • Lifetime customer support
  • Online order tracking
  • Dynamic and interactive dashboard
  • Flash and express processing upgrade
  • Auth0 for authorization and secured login process
  • Live chat support
  • Taxation-free documentation process

Technology Stack

Our Challenges / Solutions

  • LLC formation is less accessible online.
  • Lengthy registration process: Due to the lengthy offline registration process, businesses might hesitate to register their company.
  • Seamless user experience: Including versatile features with a seamless user experience might be a hassle.
  • Maintaining security: Poor website security can cause several problems including loss of users.
  • Browser compatibility: The website should be accessible and functional on different browsers. Browser compatibility is extremely important considering the wide variety of web browsers available.
  • Data Integrity: Accurate and consistent data must be enabled for better website performance. Protecting the database and enabling cyber security is crucial when it comes to increasing stability and performance of the website. 
    • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Security: Bizflash has enabled Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for authentication and private communications. This enables users’ trust and confidence regarding personal information. 
    • Auth0 for authentication and authorization purposes.
    • Stripe payment for secured payment process.
    • Orangehotjar to analyze user behavior.
    • for efficient chat support.
    • Integrated APIs 
    • Google geolocation API:  is used to automatically identify user location for a seamless experience.
    • Database and Salesforce optimization (Dataflow optimization): Salesforce helps in scaling small to large amounts of data thus aiding in better performance of the system. Performance optimization techniques will overcome the challenges and enable secure and efficient website performance. 
    • Taxation-free documentation process: Easy taxation-free documentation process. 
    • Versatile features with live chat assistance are offered. 
    • Pre and Post-purchase process: Execute seamless pre and post-purchase details that help businesses enter the required details clearly.
    • One-stop-shop licensing process: for companies to handle the licensing process and post-purchase requirements clearly. 
    Digitized Website approach: A digitized website aids businesses to register in the comfort of their home or office prioritize the privacy and security of such sensitive data.
    • Benefits small businesses: Helped many companies including small-scale businesses to register quickly.
    • Reliable access to registered agents: Ensure that registered businesses have easy and reliable access to registered agents.
    • Interactive online dashboard: Access to an interactive online dashboard that contains the required information and the processes. 
    • Aid in business creation and networking. 
    • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty: By implementing the above strategies and a secured website, customer retention will improve.
    • Higher Return on Investment (ROI): By implementing better website design and performance, the business will benefit from increased ROIs amidst the challenges faced. 
    • Credibility: Delivering a quality website, enables trust among the users. A credible website attracts potential users and helps retain customers too. 
    website attracts potential users and helps retain customers too

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