Manual Testing

Akratech’s Manual Testing Services involve a careful manual process of meticulously testing your products for quality assurance. Using proven strategies and quality assurance processes, our team of QA professionals focuses on the success of your product in terms of user experience and overall appeal. Akratech’s Manual Testing experts use real-time data to identify bugs and compile comprehensive reports outlining how they were identified and what steps can be taken to address them. Our expertise covers different categories such as usability testing, regression testing, functional testing, mobile application testing, and integration testing.

Manual Testing

Manual Testing Features, Benefits & Experience


  • Systematic approach to test cases.
  • Comprehensive system analysis & reviews   
  • Rigorous review of requirement documents
  • Structured reporting with clear responsibilities


  • Precisely identifies & resolves any existing or potential product flaws before launch.
  • Reduces chances of customer dissatisfaction & damage control costs arising from faulty product launches
  • Enhances branding through successful launches & higher customer satisfaction


Our team has extensive experience in manual testing, enabling us to identify and eliminate the risks upfront. We provide comprehensive manual software testing on different platforms and systems with a precision that is hard to achieve with automated tests.

  • Test documents creation
  •  Manual functional tests
  • Regression test execution
  • System integration tests
  •  UI & usability tests

Our experience with Cypress tool to improve our automation testing process

Our team of experts has extensive experience in using the Cypress tool for automation testing. Cypress is a powerful and easy-to-use testing framework that allows for fast, reliable, and efficient testing of web applications. With Cypress, we have written tests in JavaScript, which makes it easy to integrate with our development process. Our team can help you implement Cypress in your testing process to ensure that your web application is thoroughly tested and free of bugs before it goes live.

automation testing
Benefits of cypress

Benefits of using our expertise in Cypress

  • The faster and more efficient testing process
  • Improved test coverage and accuracy
  • Reduced testing costs
  • System integration tests
  • Increased confidence in the quality of your web application

Automated Testing

Automated testing involves running pre-programmed tests that check a product’s behavior against expected outcomes. This type of testing is most useful for larger projects where manual QA would be too time-consuming and expensive. Additionally, automated testing can reduce human errors, ensure consistency, and allow testers to focus on more complex tasks.

Automated Testing Services by our professional teams provide automated testing support for any software system. We use specialized and proven tools to ensure that the automation test cases are configured correctly and allow you to maintain greater control over the entire testing process. Our platform is tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs and help accelerate delivery times while ensuring optimal results.


Automated Testing Features, Benefits & Experience


  • Automatically generate, collate, and save test reports
  • Reusable automated test scripts
  • Scripts can be remotely managed
  • Multiplatform support


  • A comprehensive set of features for automated software testing
  • Faster execution of tests with fewer resources needed, resulting in cost savings
  • Consistent results with high accuracy from comprehensive tests due to automation
  • Greater scalability allows rapid completion of a large number of test cases quickly


Our experience conducting automated testing in numerous projects has provided us with the understanding that automation can improve test coverage, and reduce costs and timescales, ultimately leading to higher-quality product releases.

  • Automated Unit Tests
  • Selenium Tests using Chrome Web Drivers
  • API endpoints Automation based on API Standards
  • High-level software tests for repeatability.
  • Technical tests for identifying bugs.
  • Regression testing to identify issues with code changes.

Performance Testing

Performance testing is a type of quality assurance process in which the speed, scalability, and reliability of a software application are evaluated. This type of testing is typically used to identify any bottlenecks or hardware problems before they can cause system outages. Performance testing ensures an application runs efficiently and effectively, helping support customer success. It also ensures that developers don’t miss critical features during the build phase.

Our years of experience have enabled us to learn the best practices for performance testing and have given us an in-depth understanding of methods that can be applied to complement software developments

We leverage our deep experience in various areas of testing — functional and non-functional, web technologies, and diverse automation frameworks — to evaluate system performance.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing Features, Benefits & Experience


  • Improve response times
  • Ensure systems handle peak loads correctly
  • Detect potential issues before deployment.
  • Build a more reliable product with fewer financial risks


  •  Effectively used monitoring/ graphing tools like Jmeter, K6, Load Runner, and Splunk
  • Tested responsiveness of the applications with different user loads
  • Evaluated resource utilization
  • Identifying bottlenecks and increasing efficiency
  • Extensive load & transaction monitoring
  • Scalability analysis and benchmarking
  • Mitigate risk through continuous reports
  • Assessed application performance using various techniques such as load generation and benchmarking

vulnerability Testing

Akratech offers comprehensive vulnerability testing services to help protect your business against security threats. Our team of security analysts will identify and assess any potential risk, from network-level vulnerabilities to application flaws that could be exploited by attackers. As part of the service, we use methods such as static analysis and dynamic code analysis to evaluate weak points in code, deploy advanced testing techniques such as fuzzing and phishing simulations to uncover potential risks, and perform a deep audit of web applications for integrity issues.

Akratech’s Vulnerability Testing Services is the ideal solution for organizations striving for secure IT systems and networks.

Our solutions use industry-leading web application and network security scanning tools to identify vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, remote file inclusion, and other known weaknesses that can be taken advantage of by malicious actors.

The service also enables organizations to identify misconfigurations in their network setups which can be used to gain access to an environment or obtain information.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing Features, Benefits & Experience


  • Automated scanning
  • Manual Scans
  • Safe Exploitation
  • Comprehensive Reports


  • Identify & reduce the risk of cyber attack
  • Ensure the privacy & data security of your clients
  • Keep system patches updated & up to date
  • Stay compliant with industry regulations
  • Maintain secure networks


With our vast expertise in Vulnerability Testing services, we offer both internal as well as external network scans that come with detailed and actionable reports.

  • Network Vulnerability Scanning & Assessment
  • Application Vulnerability Scanning & Assessment
  • Source Code Auditing
  • File/System Authentication Testing
  • Penetration Testing
  • Physical Security Assessments
Loading Test

Load Testing

Here at Akratech, we have a lot of experience with load testing – ensuring that our projects meet reliability and scalability requirements. We use cutting-edge techniques to simulate user actions and traffic patterns so that every part of your project can be tested for any potential bottlenecks or weak points. With our reliable load testing service, you can make sure your application or services is fast, scalable and up to the rigors of modern usage.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing Features, Benefits & Experience


  • Simulation of real-world usage scenarios
  • Automated scripting to quickly plan and implement tests for different user scenarios
  •  Scalable architecture for distributed systems


  • Quickly identify problems in algorithms and design flaws before they become costly 
  • Increase confidence in meeting desired performance standards 
  • Improved code quality and maintainability by identifying areas that require optimization


  • Automated test scenarios
  • Comprehensive test results
  • Detailed Logs & Traces
  • Stress and Performance Tests
  • Availability Monitoring
  • Test server stability
  • Stress testing
  • Capacity planning & optimization
  • Use of tools such as K6, Jmeter, httperf and many more

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Regression Testing

Regression Testing

Regression Testing is an essential part of the software testing cycle that helps in verifying the bug fixes and ensuring newly added features are working as expected. We enable organizations to continuously test their applications, present them with detailed results & enable teams to understand how to improve overall performance.

Our team specializes in helping companies of all sizes ensure stability by providing automated regression tests

load testing & helping them make sure newly developed features work as expected.

Regression Testing

Regression Testing Features, Benefits & Experience

  • Automated regression tests
  • Load testing for multiple projects
  • Various benchmarking tools for analyzing results
  • Quick bug fixes and troubleshooting
  • Ensure the stability and reliability of your application or website
  • Monitor the performance from multiple perspectives
  • Quick bug fixes and prompt response times
  • Helps you take proactive steps toward improving your product

We have tested a variety of applications – from web-based apps to e-commerce websites, and more. Our goal is to make sure your application works at all times and that no additional stressors outside of its environment can cause any type of issue or issue.

  • On-demand Resources (Increased Benchmarking)
  • Automated Scripts (Realtime Data)
  • Expertly Configured Reporting (Historical Analysis )
  • A comprehensive suite of testing frameworks designed for specific apps
  •  Automated pre/post-deployment regression tests
  • Performance under stress measures response time and system lag
  • Results delivered in report format with clear & relevant conclusions
penetration testing

Penetration Testing

Akratech’s Penetration Testing Services enable customers to identify and mitigate threats against their networks, applications, infrastructure, and data. Our team of security professionals excels in the latest offensive technologies to manipulate and deploy full-scale simulated attacks. We provide an after-action report that highlights abnormalities found in scanning and testing processes and recommend remediation steps for each vulnerability detected.

Our service provides insight into the external, internal, and web application security risks related to a specific environment. Our comprehensive assessment focuses on identifying system vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could be maliciously exploited by hackers. We also provide detailed recommendations to ensure that all identified risks are addressed.

Additionally, we also ensures that your business adheres to the necessary data compliance standards such as GDPR and HIPAA.

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penetration Testing

penetration Testing Features, Benefits

  • Compliance and Information Security Risk Assessments
  • Blackbox, Whitebox & Graybox Testing
  • Web Application & Network Vulnerability Scans
  • Database Assessment & Security Reviews
  • External/Internal Network Vulnerability Scanning
  • Checklist Based Test Plan Development
  • Comprehensive vulnerability assessment identifying network, application & system level exposures and providing mitigating strategies against those threats
  • Improved security posture due to our broad methodology incorporating compliance objectives, customer requirements & industry best practices
  • Reduce the chance of data breach by remedying existing vulnerabilities and preventing future attacks