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Communication is a key part of business success, and with the right communication management system in place, businesses can experience a range of benefits from improved customer experience to greater employee efficiency. Learn more about how to get the most from your communication management system.

The flow of information within a company or between numerous companies is referred to as a communications management system. It emphasizes contacting a company’s target audiences, employees, vendors, media organizations, and so on—via a variety of communication means.

Communication Mangement

Secured communication management system

Our CMS team – Communication Management System – will establish and sustain your communication environment by providing service-based outcomes that support your objectives. We oversee the operation of your communications systems, aid with security, optimize efficiency and productivity, and strive to better customer and staff experiences. We are committed to safeguarding your company’s investment.

Here's A Look At Some Of The Advantages

A communication management system gives business owners the opportunity to reach customers and support employees in real-time, unlocking efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction benefits. Additionally, a real-time communication management system can provide analytics about conversations and customer journeys that helps you gain a better understanding of your customer base, making it easier to develop custom solutions that lead to greater profitability.

Our experience in communication Management

We have created multiple Communication Management System platforms for multiple companies with the highest rate of success. Let’s take a look at one of Akra Techs’ Communication Management System Applications –

Student Counselling Portal

Our Student Counselling Portal provides counseling along with a 360-degree view of the students in your school community by utilizing both non-academic and academic data. We have developed different features for Communications such as Email, SMS, and calls. All these communication features have been developed under one umbrella of application. Users do not have to jump from one application to another for sending out an email/ or bulk email, SMS, or even give a Call. We have developed the features in such a way that the user is able to perform any of these actions from within the Student Counselling portal itself.

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All features in one communication channel

Live session

Live Session

Conduct live virtual classroom session which could be free or paid through our public or private session

White board

You can now simulate traditional classroom online through our white board controls and real time communication


Screen sharing

Feel free to broadcast your desktop or laptop to other user by sharing the entire screen or part of the screen


web cam

Participants can share their webcams at the same time. there are no limits on the number of web cam that can share simultaneously



Users can share their presentation and keep everyone in sync real time with the current slides, zoom and annotion



All participants can interact with every other participants through public or private chats during the live sessions



Moderators or teachers can record session which can played later or share via email or upload directly on youtube

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During the live classroom sessions teachers can conduct polls to make session more interactive



Participants can participate actively during the classroom session by raising hand or use emoji icons to communicate

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