Streamlined Project Management Services with Agile

We have been providing project management services and project management consultancy services for more than a decade now. Our experienced team includes senior managers and leaders in the industry who carry a wealth of experience in Project and Program Governance.

Over the years of providing project management consultancy to companies worldwide, we have gathered rich expertise in this domain which we use to offer PMO, Program, Portfolio, and Project management service offerings. AkraTech’s project management professionals help you throughout the project management life cycle with all the technological prowess they have. Our effective project management consultancy services involve managing three (Scope, Schedule & Cost) interdependent parameters which are like three sides of a triangle.

Project management phases

Project Management involves the planning and proper organization of tasks within a company to achieve the required goal or task. We at AKRATECH help and provide services that involve all the basic and complex steps under Project Management. With a decade-old experience in Project Management Services and Consulting, we are full-fledged with knowledge in Project, Portfolio, PMO, and Program Governance. We tend to minimize risks while delivering projects to clients in an efficient and reliable manner which makes our Project Management Services unique. Putting forth a client-first approach has helped us deliver complex projects successfully and stand out as the best Project Management Consultancy.

The Project Management Life Cycle we follow

Our Project Managers are industry experts and often use Project Management Lifecycle to evaluate complex processes and deliver a successful project.
It is divided into four phases and with the completion of every phase, the project reaches close to achieving its goal.

Project Initiation

With a thorough Feasibility Study, we identify the business problem and brainstorm ways to clear the project scope, goals, time, and budget constraints and resources. Our Project managers are highly-capable of creating a Project Proposal, Project Charter including the stakeholders to be included.

Project Planning

After successfully completing the initiation phase, our experts move on to the planning phase to determine the Project Plan with a Project kick-off meeting. The Project Plan will highlight the project timeline, resources, budget, milestones, and tasks. Our project managers are thorough in preparing a Risk Register to anticipate the risks along with Gantt Chart to view the tasks and their order.

Project Execution

Our Project team will put the Project Plan into action. Our experts will divide tasks equally among the team to track and measure the progress, manage the quality and budget, mitigate the risks, and stakeholder communication.

Project Closure

With the successful implementation of the project, our project managers give out final deliverables and project resources and review tasks that did not go well, and implement changes for future reference. Our Project Managers highly focus on determining whether project goals were achieved and analyzing the project team’s performance. Finally, releasing the project closure report.

why go for akratech

Why Go for Akratech’s Project Management Consultant Services?

From project management life cycle documentation to execution and measuring results, our project management professionals are by your side at all times. Through our project management consulting services, we have helped organizations manage end-to-end project life cycles and help them adapt to new, better processes. The following are the benefits of our services:

  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced product quality
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Stakeholder satisfaction
  • Address customer pain points
  • Accelerated response & delivery time

We handle the following Project Management Process Areas


Scope Management Plan

Scope management comes into effect in case of changes to scope, schedule, or cost or due to certain project risks. The responsibility of the scope management lies in a timely escalation of stated/ explicit and unstated/implied scope changes to all stakeholders and a timely analysis of the impact on project scope due to requests for schedule and cost changes. Since the scope of the project may sometimes be affected due to some of the technical risks, we help you come up with mitigation and project scope management plans and share the resulting impact on efforts and cost.

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Schedule Management Plan

The schedule of a project gets impacted due to scope changes or due to various project risks such as technical unknowns, staffing and resource issues, etc. We help you to address the schedule impact due to a scope change by looking at optimal ways and means of how these need to be accommodated and accounted for. Some of the tools & templates used for schedule management are GANTT charts, MS Project Plans, Milestone charts, Status reports / Dashboards to management, etc.


Cost Management Plan

We understand the implication of changes in the cost of a project due to various reasons and help them address through our continuous process of Forecasting and Budgeting techniques. We help derive project financial reports on a timely basis to track and monitor costs, through Earned Value Management process. Any cost changes such as cost of resources, cost of quality, etc. will be handled through a well-defined change management process.

Agile Project Management Services and Scrum Framework

We follow a defined set of Agile/Scrum Framework methods and practices in the project management services we offer for businesses that are helpful in encouraging collaboration, and self-organization in cross-functional teams. Our Agile approach in project management promotes leadership philosophy and encourages teamwork, self-organization, and accountability using best practices to ensure the rapid delivery of high-quality applications.

Through our certified Scrum masters, we have helped companies streamline their operations, and prioritize their backlogs. Using AkraTech’s agile project management service offerings, product owners can benefit from the expertise of our scrum masters, effective planning through sprints, and stand-up status calls.

Project Management areas we have expertise in

Our Project Management Services focus on a vast number of parameters that are crucial to the project such as

Integration Management

We help in creating a strategy that helps teams to work more efficiently. We also select the appropriate project management processes and methodologies for the same.

Scope Management

We help in the identification of project tasks, deliverables, and milestones. We also define the stakeholder requirements to create a “Work breakdown structure”.

Schedule Management

We help in detailing how the Project Schedule will be created, managed, and monitored. This aids in the creation of a realistic timeline to achieve project goals.

Procurement Management

We help in building and maintaining relationships with external resources. This process includes vendors that sell products and services that are needed to meet project objectives.

Cost Management

We collect, analyze, and report costs related to projects. This helps in forecasting and monitoring the project budget and also keeps the company away from overspending.

Communication Management

We involve various processes which help in delivering clear messages in a project. This involves the creation of messaging channels and also making sure they are received in a timely manner.

Agile Project Management

We follow agile Project Management using SCRUM

Our Project Managers meticulously follow the Agile Project Management Framework that includes SCRUM. We follow an Agile Project Management system, where phases of a project are completed in parallel to each other by the project team members. It is easier to rectify errors using this method, without having to restart the entire process.
Our Project Managers focus on the Agile processes that lead the project team to acknowledge quickly, effectively, and efficiently to modifications. SCRUM is one of the approaches of Agile and is implemented in the form of Sprints that generally last for one to four weeks. SCRUM helps to minimize the project complexity by breaking it down into small manageable tasks that are clearly defined, coded as well as tested discrete in Sprints. Throughout the SCRUM process, Sprint planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospective are conducted.

  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced product quality
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Stakeholder satisfaction
  • Address customer pain points
  • Accelerated response & delivery time

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How our Project Management Services benefit Organizations

Our Project Management services and consulting are implemented by various organizations with a high success rate of maximum projects. The areas that highly contributed to the success of the projects are:

  • High Client satisfaction
  • Focussed on client pain points
  • Ensured better productivity
  • Committed to high quality in lesser time
  • Meticulously met market trends to come up with considerable solutions to complex problems

How Akratech’s Agile Project Management Services Work

Our project management consultancy services are led by a team of seasoned professionals well-versed in agile methodologies. We understand that every project is unique, and we tailor our approach to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re new to agile or seeking to enhance your existing processes, our experts have you covered.

initial Assessment and planning

We begin with a comprehensive assessment of your project’s scope, objectives, and constraints. We work closely with your team to identify key stakeholders, project goals, and desired outcomes. This initial phase sets the stage for agile project management success.


Agile Framework Selection

Based on the assessment, project complexity, company culture, and team dynamics, we help you choose the most suitable agile framework for your project, whether it’s Scrum, Kanban, Lean, or a hybrid approach.

Iterative Planning and Execution

Agile project management is all about iterative planning and execution. Our project management professionals break the project into manageable, prioritized tasks or user stories. These are executed in short cycles (sprints), allowing for continuous feedback and adjustments.


Transparent Communication

Our agile project management consultants facilitate transparent communication channels, ensuring that team members and product owners are on the same page throughout the project. We employ agile tools and best practices to keep everyone informed and engaged.

Project Completion

After multiple sprints are completed, issues are fixed, testing & quality checks are done, and suggestions are incorporated, the project is handed over to your team and/or made live.


Project Management Office (PMO)

The Project Management Office is a department or group that determines, maintains, and makes sure that Project Management standards are used throughout the organization. The Project Management Office documents the projects and provides direction and KPIs/ metrics of the projects executed under governance.

It is helpful as organizations tend to get ROI and add value to the stakeholders with the help of projects, portfolio, and program. The PMO is not only part of strategic project management but also ensures portfolio project management. PMOs are often considered the backbone of the project management approach and carry crucial functions:

  • Focusses on the accurate decisions made by the required people according to the accurate information.
  • Generate the right information to boost effective decision-making.
  • Support the project team to work more efficiently.
  • Maintain documents, and history of the project.
Tools & Template

Project Management Tools and Templates We Use

We have used effective project management tools and techniques in our services as one of the best Project Management Consultancy –



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Zoho Projects




PMO Office

Akratech’s Project Management Office Services

Our Project Management Office (PMO) services provide strategic advice and governance to our customers with a focused approach to continually ensure operations are optimized and match business priorities. Today’s project environment demands PMO strategic/governance services which should be comprehensive providing overall business value across the whole portfolio. Our PMO consulting services are focused on influencing the use of project management best practices and principles across multiple projects, providing a cross-functional perspective by considering all projects and their implications across project boundaries.

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    Proven Project Success
  • optimization
    Certified Project Managers
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    Effective Communication
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    Agile Methodologies
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    Understand customers
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    Risk Management
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    Collaborative Approach
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    Resource Optimization
Best Practices

Project Management Best Practices We Follow

  • Develop and track detailed and integrated project work schedules and allocate resources against the schedule.
  • Responsible for steering the project to success by working closely with the respective stakeholders.
  • Periodically appraise the steering committee group and other project stakeholders on the project progress and issues that require attention.
  • Assign tasks to the project team, and review the progress of the tasks.
  • Periodically track and assess the project risks and develop plans to mitigate such risks.
  • Set project quality goals and review deliverables against them.
  • Set and monitor project budget and costs to ensure delivery of the project within the budget.
  • Continuously communicate with the various project stakeholders to align them toward set project goals
Project Management Best Practices We Follow

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