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We are specialized in providing Management Services & Technology Consulting in various areas such as Product Management, Project Management, Construction, Healthcare, Education, Full-Stack, Mobile apps, and more for more than a decade now.

We have successfully delivered 120+ Projects & Products since 2007 across Enterprise Web and Mobile Platforms. With Product & Project Manager experts from different areas, Akratech experts make complex projects function smoothly & efficiently to achieve a majority of business goals & objectives set, with a market value and large client base.

Our team of experts in Product Management, Project Management, Digital Marketing, Client Relationship Marketing, Construction, Healthcare, Retail, Education, Blockchain, Big Data & Analytics, Cybersecurity, Full-stack, and much more, we aim to provide high-quality support and efficiency to businesses.

Business Management Consulting Services.

AKRA Professional Management consultancy Services offers comprehensive business consulting to help your company succeed. Our experienced team of business management consultants will identify areas of opportunity and provide guidance on the implementation of proven tactics and strategies. We’ll also help you develop an actionable roadmap to guide your organization in achieving its goals.

From strategic planning and process improvement to financial analysis and market research, we customize our Business Management Consulting services to meet your unique needs. Our business managers are experts in relationship building, team management, and organizational development. We work closely with you to identify current obstacles and potential roadblocks while using data-driven solutions to help break through any challenges. Combining our business management expertise in diverse industries with an observation-based strategy ensures that our management consulting solutions are tailored specifically to your company’s goals.

Crisis and Incident Management.

AKRA Professional management consultancy Services advises and supports companies in times of crisis, allowing them to effectively manage their response and minimize the risk of prolonged issues. Our Risk management consultant team works with clients to develop a comprehensive risk assessment framework and identify potential disruptions. We also provide expertise on measures such as deploying extra resources, minimizing downtime, and rapid incident response mobilization.

We leverage our management consulting experience as veterans in the security and safety industry to help organizations create an effective crisis management plan. Our management team focuses on executing a thorough risk assessment and real-time incident response strategy. We provide tailored solutions for each business’s unique needs so that companies can effectively manage their emergencies without having to worry about costly delays or disruptions. Additionally, AKRA Professional Management Services provides comprehensive training programs to ensure employees are well-prepared for any crises that might arise in the future.

Digital Transformation Solutions.

With the rapidly evolving digital landscape, AKRA Professional Management Services provides a comprehensive range of digital transformation solutions designed to help companies navigate complex challenges associated with the ever-changing technology market. Our team of experienced professionals management consultants with large-scale projects, from assessing risk and developing strategies to implementing innovative technologies to modernizing organizational structures. We also provide ongoing support to ensure clients stay ahead of the competition in an increasingly competitive business management environment.

Our management consulting team has a deep understanding of the digital landscape and is guided by pre-established principles to ensure clients receive meaningful results. With cloud-native engineering and innovative service design, our solutions cater to clients of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Our expertise ranges from artificial intelligence and machine learning to Internet of Things (IoT) integration and cybersecurity, meaning we can provide optimal solutions that meet our client's needs. Through close collaboration with clients, AKRA Professional management consulting Services ensures successful outcomes and works hard to provide tailored advice that avoids common pitfalls.

Strategic Digital Marketing Services.

Through our strategic Digital marketing services, AKRA Professional consultancy Services helps clients reach their business goals and maximize ROI. Our specialists provide in-depth market and customer analysis to identify the best channels to engage with new audiences, build brand recognition, and create opportunities for growth. We also help companies develop effective marketing campaigns by leveraging digital tools such as SEO/SEM, email marketing, programmatic media buying, social media management, and more. Additionally, our team of strategists provides tailored guidance on budget planning and campaign optimization strategies to ensure long-term success.

We strongly believe in the power of data-driven marketing and leveraging insights to tell powerful stories that resonate with prospective customers and move them to take action. Our Digital marketing professionals are well-versed in adjusting strategies based on industry trends, customer feedback, and internal metrics to help our clients stay ahead of changes in the market. AKRA Professional management consultants have extensive experience working with a variety of industries from eCommerce to banking, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations; this allows us to draw from a range of proven strategies that can ensure our clients’ success.

Cybersecurity Solutions.

Cybersecurity is a growing concern for businesses of all sizes. To help clients protect their networks, AKRA Professional management Services offers comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. Our team of certified cybersecurity specialists provides hands-on defense against cyber threats and data breaches, so clients can have peace of mind that their data and systems are secure. We also provide advanced analytics to uncover potential weak points in the system and vet third-party providers for compliance with security standards. As part of our services, we offer ongoing monitoring to ensure networks remain secure in the long run.

With AKRA Professional management consultancy Services, you can rest assured that your data and systems are safe from cyber threats through our layered defense approach. We work with clients to provide customized security plans and advanced analytics for a comprehensive preventative solution. Our team is also available for additional support when needed, so that you can feel secure in knowing your systems are monitored and up-to-date.

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    Services in Technology that we offer


    AKRA TECH is a leading custom software development company that enables startups & enterprises to meet their business goals through high-quality software products and IT solutions.

    Our Team has expertise in Custom Application Development, Mobile App Development, Enterprise Applications, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions, IT Consulting Services, Web Design & Development, and Product Engineering. Over the years we have been offering Full stack design, development, and deployment services across various PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Java technologies on various platforms such as Heroku, AWS, and Azure.

    Akratech Cloud Solutions is a leading expert in the DevOps enterprise and an Advanced Consulting Partner with AWS. We offer a comprehensive and managed cloud migration service by taking accountability for consulting, designing, optimizing, constructing, and monitoring the company’s private cloud and public cloud environments.

    Operations Management Systems
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    Big Data & Analytics

    Our Big data and Analytics Consulting services bring in technical & strategic solutions connecting People, Tools, and Data enabling businesses to build capabilities in data mining with insights that can enable better decisions and create Value. We provide services that give insights using various techniques in process simulation, data mining, forecasting, and statistical analysis.

    We develop customized statistical models and algorithms through innovative ways to strategize businesses while exploring new opportunities in the emerging market. We help build applications leveraging data scientists, predictive modelers, statisticians, and other analytics professionals to analyze growing volumes of structured transaction data, plus other forms of data that are often left untapped by conventional business intelligence (BI) and analytics programs.


    Our Strategic technical consulting processes provide our clients on how to approach Blockchain adoption right from including technology selection to management. We deep dive into blockchain architecture and development to provide customized services meeting potential business needs. Our consultants work across blockchain platforms - Ethereum, Multichain, Openchain, and Hyperledger providing application development services against a specific business use case.

    We can integrate Web and Mobile Applications via RESTful JSON/XML APIs. Our development services can build integration with existing applications through RESTful APIs. Our Blockchain consultancy services help build solutions for Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Retail Industries.

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    Project Management

    Our strategic project management processes help project teams ensure their projects are on time, within budget and done to specifications.

    Our broader view of project management in analytics can provide a wealth of information to turn projects into strategic activities that elevate organizations.

    Our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) provide clients access to relevant data for checking on their project's progress and take timely decisions.

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    Infrastructure Services

    Providing infrastructure services using technologies that are apt for your business

    Tele communication

    Delivering value through strategic delivery models to ensure maximum ROI

    Business Verticals


    Our Construction Experience spreads across growing emerging markets in the developing world


    Our Service models reduce Development cycles and simplify processes in Operations

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