AI Professional Services

industry focused AI Professional Services

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly becoming a key part of the digital landscape and the global economy. AkraTech provides highly customized AI solutions & services to organizations worldwide by integrating advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities into their systems.

Our AI solutions experts help you embrace the power of Artificial Intelligence for optimizing & automating processes and getting deeper, more meaningful insights. Our years of experience comes handy in designing, developing, integrating, and implementing advanced and efficient AI solutions for your organization.


what we've built using AI/our AI Product

AI solutions experts at AkraTech built Delivery Routing Application to help organizations effortlessly optimize delivery routes. Apart from reducing delivery time, Delivery Routing Application also aims at helping enterprises maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

It is a go-to solution for industries like e-commerce, logistics, and transportation where time plays a key role. The AI solution aids businesses make data driven decisions, assess risks, and pinpoint ineffective last-mile deliveries using machine learning algorithms.

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Advanced AI Feattures

Advanced AI Features in the app includes

  • Optimized Route Planning
  • Dynamic Login
  • Dwave API Application
  • Multiple Optimization Methods
  • Dynamic Input
  • Optimal Route Visualization
  • Real-Time Delivery Tracking
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Google Map integration
  • Driver Application
AI Enhance performance

Experts Business AI Solution that enhance performance


A powerful blockchain and AI-based digital identity verification solution that enables virtual customer verification. The AI solution uses post-quantum cryptography to securely verify identities. leverages technologies like Machine Learning, Optical Character Recognition, Liveness Detection, facial matching and Near Field Communication to ensure the user is not a spoof. Nashid can be easily integrated with applications for quick and seamless on-boarding processes.


increase efficiency with ChatGPT services

Provide in-depth, accurate answers and responses to questions and inquiries fast with AkraTech's ChatGPT integration services. Leverage our comprehensive ChatGPT solutions & services to provide better, prompt services to your customers and reach your business goals faster.

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predictive analysis for better decision making

Monetize rich data insights to predict business opportunities and possible threats. Complete predictive analytics solutions that equip your business with the right tools for forecasting future events and leverage data to optimize performance. Our experts help you harness advanced algorithms and data to detect trends, anomalies, & patterns.


natural language processing for sentiment analysis

Embrace AkraTech's advanced NLP techniques combined with deep learning & machine learning technologies for extracting rich insights from raw, unstructured data. Inculcate the power of NLP into your AI solution to derive insights from disorganized data to provide better customer services.

chat bot
develop chatbot from scratch for your business

Extensive bot development & services that help you provide naturally flowing, on-point responses to your customers. Customized, requirement-specific, & intelligently-designed chatbots that help you deliver delightful personalized experiences for your clients.

automate operations with robotic process automation

Give your organization a competitive edge with Akratech's Robotic Process Automation services. Automate hectic, monotonous processes while optimizing their operational efficiency and minimizing costs. Leverage our expertise in building well-tested and reliable automated processes.


Complete AI Business Solutions for your enterprise

AI Solution Development

Rely on our years of experience in developing powerful, intuitive AI solutions designed to automate wearisome, monotonous tasks.

AI Solution Customization

Custom-made AI solutions are designed to fit unique needs and requirements. AI experts at AkraTech focus on delivering tailored AI software solutions that match industry standards.

AI Solution Implementation

AkraTect's AI team ensures that your Artificial Intelligence solutions are seamlessly implemented across your organization while ensuring maximum performance.

AI Solution Integration

Integrate advanced AI solutions into your organization's processes and workflows with AkraTech to optimize return on investment in less time.