We Provide Useful Services

Technology consulting

Technology consulting

We can help to speed up the product design, development, and launch on the market. We can assist in validating a business idea, defining effective proof of concepts, and allowing business owners to consider more possibilities for improving the entire ecosystem workflows

  • Reducing development & maintenance costs to simplifying the efficiency of IT processes
  • Our technology consulting includes a wide range of services such as Data Integration, Cloud Migration, Digital Transformation
  • Data Migration, setting up environments such as cloud with AWS, Cloud with Azure, etc.
Management consulting

Management Consulting

Our Management Consultants take the time to learn about your current situation & long-term objectives, allowing us to assist you in bridging the gap, developing roadmaps, and positioning your company for industry leadership & scalable growth.

  • We Collaborate closely with Our Clients to solve complicated Tech-Business Problems, complete Specific Projects
  • Improve the Overall Performance of their Products.
  • Our Management consulting includes a wide range of services such as Change Management, Risk Management, Data Management, Analytics & Business Insights
  • Customer & User Engagement, Business Process Improvement, CRM, and Operational Efficiency
Market Research
Market Research

Market Research

We offer a Team of Professionals who manage Market Research Services data in a variety of sectors, such as Simple Data Tables with Descriptive Statistics and Data Testing using high-quality Statistical Procedures

  • Our Market Research Teams understand Your Pain Points & Desired Solutions, and aptly craft Products or Services to appeal to You.
  • Our Market Research includes a wide range of services such as Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Market Research/ Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis, Data Analysis, Advanced Market Research, Basic Market Research, Competitive Intelligence, SWOT Analysis, and many others.
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We help our customers advertise via digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. covering wide range of marketing activities

  • We always follow the best practices through our rich expertise in search engine optimization (SEO) which is to optimize content
  • setup technically, build the right set of keywords to ensure top of search engine results.
  • We help define your digital marketing strategy by setting up Google Analytic goals and improve Google Adwords ranking
Digital Marketing

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Making enterprise stand out with software and mobile application that matters

Discover how working with a team of world-class experts in web applications fields to prime your business for explosive growth.

Business analysis
Business Analysis

Business Analysis

We provide Business Analysis Services to bridge between functional and technical requirements and achieve the specific goals of your business. With our services, we provide solid value through software implementation that benefits

  • Extensive analysis to improve the project concept and minimize potential risk.
  • We will develop Business Requirements Documents as well as do a review of Competitors to bring success to Your Organization
  • This will also include forming a Business Plan including Competitors Analysis, current & future Business Needs, Financial Analysis, and Possible Solutions.


We work to make sure your UI/UX design and development are impeccable. Akra Tech web designers and graphic designers assist businesses in navigating all aspects of the digital landscape, including wireframing and interactive prototyping

  • In order to create experiences that provide measurable business outcomes.
  • Akra Tech web designers and graphic designers assist businesses in navigating all aspects of the digital landscape, including wireframing, mockups
  • Interactive prototyping, in order to create experiences that provide measurable business outcomes.
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We put users' needs at the center of our efforts focusing on designing usable, delightful, efficient, and fun experiences. From user onboarding to feedback and review, our products consist of an integrated set of experiences working together seamlessly.

  • We Design and deliver best-in-class Web & Mobile apps and implement UX solutions in software to prove out core elements of the idea.
  • Through our skillful designers with strong creative skills and a portfolio of work
  • That demonstrates our passion for enhancing the interaction between our client’s target to their digital presence.
full stack
Full Stack Development

Full Stack Development

Akra Tech’s Agile experts can develop bespoke full-stack applications, platforms, and products to meet the requirements of your business or new venture. Over the years we have been offering Full stack design, development, and deployment services across various

  • PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Java technologies on various platforms such as Heroku, AWS, and Azure.
  • We have expertise in Custom Application Development, Mobile App Development, Enterprise Applications, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions
  • IT Consulting Services, Web Design & Development, and Product Engineering.


We help make a seamless transition with next-generation mobile devices and on-the-go solutions. We bring in increased collaboration and deepen customer relationships by providing true business

  • Mobility through new devices that leverage the power of software, services, and solutions
  • With Mobility changing the way we work teams are using many devices and operating systems
  • Including personal devices, which are difficult to manage and secure.
Product Management

product management

We collaborate with you to build a world-class product management aptitude, from strategic planning and portfolio management to agile, front-line execution. Our Experts employ product management methodologies on every project to guarantee your company's success.

  • Our product managers have on-boarded and managed teams driving products for clients across various regions ensuring an end to end development services
  • Inception to maintenance & support. We have been involved in developing, implementing & evaluating solutions and frameworks within various products
  • Adhering to product management using Agile development.

Project Management

Our Project Management Services involves managing three (Scope, Schedule & Cost) interdependent parameters which are like three sides of a triangle, all of these either remain fixed together or if one of the parameters changes then any of the other two or both the other two parameters also changes.

  • We follow a defined set of AGILE methods and practices which are iterative providing solutions that evolve through collaboration, self-organization, and cross-functional teams.
  • Through our certified Scrum masters we have helped companies organize their thoughts through prioritized Backlogs, setting up teams, Product Owner & Scrum Master
  • Effective planning through Sprint, Stand up status calls through collaboration, and frequent customer feedback cycles.
low code no code
Low Code / no code

Low Code / no code

Our no-code/low-code experts drastically reduce the time and complexities required to deliver your custom application by using automated development phases, reusable codes, drag-and-drop modules, and a visual creative process.

  • We offer a variety of low code services, including low code consulting, low code application development and rollouts, upgrades, functional validations, application support, Security & Compliances, Custom UX & UI development
  • APIs, Third Party, Systems Integrations, and management. We develop web and mobile applications, low-code/no-code MVP
  • Responsive SaaS Webapp with No Code, and CRM with no-code/low code.


Akratech Cloud Solutions is a leading expert in the DevOps enterprise and an Advanced Consulting Partner with AWS. AWS is all we do and our business is built around the AWS platform.

  • Whether you need to establish a green-field AWS infrastructure environment, build Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery processes, or establish mature operational automation of your environment, Akratech’s team of deeply experienced
  • AWS-certified engineers and architects can help you build DevOps capabilities.
Hire the best contract software developers

Hire remote developers or Hire Remote Development Team

Hire remote developers or Hire Remote Development Team based on your project needs – individual or a group of expert developers.
We assist you in quickly and affordably hiring developers and development teams for your specific needs.

Support & Maintenance
devopsSupport & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance

From priority bug-fixing to technical investigations, and change requests, we support and maintain your software throughout its life, even if we didn’t build it. Our team follows testing protocols and employs software quality metrics at each level of development to measure software quality

  • Decrease defects and problems during the build process to ensure our software is of the highest quality
  • AKRA TECH offers a variety of bug fixing and maintenance services to ensure that the provided website or application
  • Functions smoothly and according to the client's specifications.