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  • Danny Glennon, Ptbizfit, Australia
    Ash is extremely knowledgeable in his field, he helped our team streamline and accelerate software development faster than we could’ve imagined. His English is fluent and he is super friendly to speak with. Ash has great insight on industry best-practices, has a personalized plan for our project and was very considerate when it came to saving on cost where possible and not only making the project under budget but quicker to develop too. I would recommend Ash any day of the week, he’s a great asset to any team.
    Danny Glennon, Ptbizfit, Australia
  • Kevin Gray, Penny Miller, Australia
    Very talented. His project management skill and planning has been very useful. We will continue to work with him. Must hire for project management.
    Kevin Gray, Penny Miller, Australia
  • Erika Martinez, Denver Public School, USA
    Extraordinary professional! It has been an honor to work with some-one of his calibre. He is deliberate with his project management tactics and implements with great attention to every detail. For me, one of his most important skill sets is his ability to self manage and keep our projects moving forward no matter my availability or the lack thereof. No worries once you have agreed on a gameplan and a course of action. Additionally, Ash puts his heart and soul into his work. He gives you everything he’s got when he gets into a project. I am humbled to have worked with some-one of such high integrity and so committed to our mutual success. A truly great business partner.
    Erika Martinez, Denver Public School, USA
  • Dr Hisham Al Dabah , Dubai , UAE
    I enjoyed working with a respected team that can meet your requirements and honestly advises you with your options, they are available almost 24/7 and would take the extra step to make sure they deliver a valuable product. I recommend them and will work with them over and over again.
    Dr Hisham Al Dabah , Dubai , UAE
  • AKRA TECH prepared the project well under the time specified. He immediately understood the purpose of the project and provided relevant solutions in our discussions. The final product required no modifications and met the criteria for the project perfectly. We are very likely to return to AKRA TECH for future work.

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