• Import Bulk Product Details
  • Reports & Analytics (Web & iPad)
  • Mail Integration for Notifications
  • Alert Notifications (Web & iPad)
  • Role Management
  • User Management (Web & iPad) & User Authentication
  • Inventory Management - Category & Products (Web & iPad)
  • Barcode Scanner (iPad)
  • Stock Management (Web & iPad)
  • Purchase History Treatment design (Web)
  • Treatment Executions (iPad)

Technology Stack

Our Challenges / Solutions

  • Inefficient Inventory Tracking: The clinic relied on manual methods, such as spreadsheets and handwritten records, to track its inventory. This process was cumbersome, prone to human error, and often led to inaccuracies in stock levels and reordering.
  • Stock Shortages and Overstocking: Due to the lack of real-time visibility into inventory levels, the clinic often faced stock shortages of essential dental supplies. This resulted in delays in providing necessary treatments to patients. On the other hand, they occasionally ended up with overstocked items that tied up their financial resources.
  • Wasted Time and Resources: The staff spent significant time manually checking stock levels, reconciling records, and placing orders with suppliers. This manual process took away valuable time that could have been utilized for providing quality patient care.
  • Manual Record-Keeping: The clinic relied on physical files and paper-based systems to manage patient records, which made it difficult to organize, retrieve, and update information efficiently. This often resulted in errors, misplaced files, and wasted time searching for patient records.
  • Real-time Inventory Tracking: The application offered a centralized inventory management system that automatically updated stock levels in real-time. Staff could easily monitor stock quantities, set reorder points, and receive automated notifications when items reached the reorder threshold.
  • Streamlined Procurement Process: The application integrated with suppliers’ systems, allowing for seamless electronic ordering and automated purchase order generation. This streamlined procurement process minimized errors and reduced the time and effort required to manage and replenish inventory.
  • Patient Records Management: All patient information, including medical history, treatment plans, and progress notes, was digitized and stored securely in the application. Dentists and hygienists could access these records from anywhere, facilitating better continuity of care and personalized treatment plans.
  • Treatment Planning & Execution: The application included a module for creating and managing treatment plans for each patient. Dentists could create detailed treatment plans, track progress, and easily communicate the plan with the patient, fostering transparency and trust.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: The application streamlined various administrative tasks, reducing manual work and eliminating inefficiencies. This enabled the staff to focus more on patient care, leading to improved productivity and reduced waiting times.
  • Improved Stock Control: With real-time visibility into stock levels, the clinic effectively avoided stock shortages and overstocking. They were able to maintain optimal stock levels, resulting in better patient treatment planning and reduced financial waste.
  • Enhanced Patient Care: The streamlined inventory management process ensured that essential dental supplies were always available when needed, leading to improved patient satisfaction and timely treatments.

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