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Our Challenges / Solutions

  • Lack of limited tools and features: The range of diverse features can be relatively constrained in comparison to that of competitors.
  • Complicated login/registration process: If the login and registration process is too long or complicated, it could reduce the participation of the users due to its complexity.
  • Connecting with publishers: Collaborating with publishers and fostering their interest in Kids Storytelling Platform may appear as a formidable challenge.
  • Creative challenges: Children may encounter creative obstacles that could potentially lead to a decline in their enthusiasm.
  • Protection of Minors’ Personal Information: It is crucial to prioritize the privacy and security of personal information related to minors by implementing measures that ensure its protection.
  • Lack of variety of features and illustration books: Limited illustrations and features might enable children to lose interest in WriteStories
  • Lack of funds for school/teacher subscription: Insufficient financial resources for teachers to extend their subscription might lead to a loss of users/children who are interested in WriteStories. 
  • Lack of supervision: Lack of adequate supervision for children using the WriteStories platform might be a trouble.
  • Seamless user experience: Including versatile features with a seamless user experience might take a lot of work.
  • Maintaining security: Poor website security can cause several problems including loss of users.
  • Browser compatibility: The website should be accessible and functional on different browsers. Browser compatibility is extremely important considering the wide variety of web browsers available.
  • Data Integrity: Accurate and consistent data must be enabled for better website performance. Protecting the database and enabling cyber security is crucial to increasing the website’s stability and performance.
  • Accessible to kids of all ages: Kids of all ages, especially elementary school kids and home school kids can use the Kids Storytelling Platform for educational and creative purposes, leading their way to become young writers.   
  • Classroom account: Teachers can effectively administer their classroom by incorporating students based on their respective classes. This approach facilitates seamless monitoring of students’ academic advancements and fosters an environment conducive to nurturing creativity.
  • Trial period for subscription- The implementation of a freemium or trial period subscription will facilitate users in experimenting with and cultivating an inclination towards writing.
  • Implementing books with diverse genres:  Collaborating and establishing connections with various publishers will aid Kids Storytelling Platform in implementing a wide range of genres, ultimately enhancing children’s interest in utilizing the Writestories platform.
  • Rewards and marking the milestone: Providing incentives and showcasing the progression of milestones will enhance the child’s level of engagement and foster their interest.
  • Stripe payment for secured payment process.
  • Database optimization (Dataflow optimization): Performance optimization techniques will overcome the challenges and enable secure and efficient website performance. 
  • Digitized Website Approach: A digitized website facilitates children and users in effortlessly composing narratives, monitoring their progress, and publishing books.
  • Protection of Minor’s  Personal Information: Adhering to strict guidelines and regulations to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of minors’ personal information is crucial. By doing so, we can create a safe and secure environment for minors, fostering trust and confidence in our practices.
  • Safety of personal information: Ensuring the safeguarding of personal information about minor children is of utmost importance. It is imperative to adopt measures that prioritize the privacy and security of such sensitive data.
  • Develops young writers: Children who possess a genuine curiosity and a strong desire to cultivate their writing skills will greatly benefit from engaging in this endeavor.
  • Enhanced homeschooling experience: Kids who are homeschooled will benefit at large to enhance their creativity and writing skills. 
  • Aids in language development: Provides children with an opportunity to develop their language skills.
  • Interactive online dashboard: Access to an interactive online dashboard that contains minute details of the child’s progress, books published, word counts, etc. enables users to keep track of the statistics which helps in aiding for better support. 
  • A hub for young writers: Creates a hub for young writers to connect, create, and publish books collaboratively or individually.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: By implementing the above strategies and a secured website, customer retention will improve.
  • Credibility: Delivering a quality website, enables trust among the users. A credible website attracts potential users and helps retain customers too

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