Product Management

Product management is essential for creating amazing products.
Our Product Managers are experts in all the components such as Engineering,
research, marketing, and project management.

With experience in various domains, our Product Management experts guarantees you a high-class product!

Product management is essential for widening the value of the Product. Our Product Managers are experts in all the components such as Engineering, Research, Marketing, and Project Management. Our Product Management Lifecycle approach that our Product Managers follow is:

How Products have succeeded with our Product Management Services

With Akra Tech, you will have a trusted product management team that will build your product with detailed research and is customer-oriented. We provide consistent product development consulting from scratch to market-ready products ensuring its success. The success metrics we follow behind every successful product using our Product Management Services are:

  • Deep research and efficient solutions are offered to verify every Product-Market fit.
  • We strongly commit to deadlines ensuring accurate estimates with a minimum deviation that helps us exclude overpromising and define transparent expectations.
  • Our Product managers are experienced in many domains & hence are well-versed in defining product roadmaps, product development processes & consulting easily with complexity.
  • With the use of an Agile Product Development Lifecycle and a customer-first approach, our product managers are highly capable of gaining insights on improvements, productivity, value, and quality.

Have A LMS Project in Mind?

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    Product Envision

    Our Agile Product Development Approach

    From Idea screening and Prototyping to executing MVPs, and Agile Product Development, we integrate with organizations to execute high-class product management and development aptitude. Our experienced product managers incorporate product management methodologies on all projects that assure the organization’s success.

    We focus on building products according to the Agile methodology. To ensure the success of the product with negligible issues, we break down the Agile Development cycle into short development cycles i.e. Sprints through which we are continuously connected with organizations along with the working model to gather feedback and build the product even better. With the use of Agile Product Development, we have not only gained the trust of various organizations but have also regularly focussed on continuous improvements to boost our team performance.



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