Our Service models reduce Development cycles and
simplify processes in Operations


As electronics industry is growing so is the complex global market environment which involves manufacturing and processing of electronic components our consultants help OEM's work through the value chain.

We work with specialists and integrators across the industry to help companies in capability building , research & development along with a GO-TO market strategy in mind.


Supply Chain

We work with clients to optimize their Supply Chain by creating a seamless network communication between procurement, production and sales

We help improve performance through an effective cost optimization processes along with secured sustainable competitiveness. We bring in efficiency and performance across the supply chain by creating a balanced approach across the organisation, processes and logistics to achieve maximum performance.


Our consultants have helped clients optimize their procurement by carrying out due-diligence, analysis across categories and building structures to channel your demand and achieve sustainable transparency. Our procurement consulting experience has been built with extensive market knowledge which gives us an advantage to identify potential areas that could lead to savings in procurement.

We direct clients to suitable sources of supply and help in tender management besides getting involved in negotiations and contract. Our end to end support from product identification leading to implementation and ensuring steady state operations in production environments

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