Telecommunication Management

Delivering value through strategic delivery models to ensure
maximum ROI.


We provide a wide range of services which includes Commercial and Technical Due-diligence, Market Strategy, Business plan development, Resource provisioning, Technical consultancy, etc..keeping with the latest trends in Network and Wireless Technology , Industry Best practices, and Optimization.

We understand today's Telecom industry is a constantly evolving market and hence our consultants are driven by the latest trends, Cloud services, and Optimization aligning businesses to defined strategies and goals.

Fraud Management

We work closely with our partners in Fraud Prevention , Detection and Response inline with our Risk consulting services. Our objective is to help telecom companies build strategy for easy detection of associated fraud risks.

- Perform assessments and build framework & processes
- Preventive Controls - Incident response mechanism and process level fraud
- Review existing policy and processes for fraud detection
- Setting up a comprehensive fraud detection framework.


We help bring in high level of automation in the processes to aid telecom companies to proactively monitor transactions or view different patterns on key information across voice, data and other value added services.Our expertise in providing insights give our customers rich understanding on the dynamic nature of the data sets and complexty of landscape using technology that would deliver real value and impact

- Develop comprehensive Predictive models
- Design roadmaps for future architecture
- Cost and performance analyses of service delivery models
- Best Practices in Analysis and Reporting
- Vendor Management

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