Project Management

Conveying project success through the agile approach in project management

Project Management Lifecycle we follow

Project Management involves the planning and proper organization of tasks within a company to achieve the required goal or task. We at AKRATECH help and provide services that involve all the basic and complex steps under Project Management. With a decade-old experience in Project Management Services and Consulting, we are full-fledged with knowledge in Project, Portfolio, PMO, and Program Governance.

We tend to minimize risks while delivering projects to clients in an efficient and reliable manner which makes our Project Management Services unique. Putting forth a client-first approach has helped us deliver complex projects successfully and stand out as the best Project Management Consultancy.

The Project Management Life Cycle we follow

Our Project Managers are industry experts and often use Project Management Lifecycle to evaluate complex processes and deliver a successful project. It is divided into four phases and with the completion of every phase, the project reaches close to achieving its goal.

Project Initiation

With a thorough Feasibility Study, we identify the business problem and brainstorm ways to clear the project scope, goals, time, and budget constraints and resources. Our Project managers are highly-capable of creating a Project Proposal, Project Charter including the stakeholders to be included.

Project Planning

After successfully completing the initiation phase, our experts move on to the planning phase to determine the Project Plan with a Project kick-off meeting. The Project Plan will highlight the project timeline, resources, budget, milestones, and tasks. Our project managers are thorough in preparing a Risk Register to anticipate the risks along with Gantt Chart to view the tasks and their order.

Project Execution

Our Project team will put the Project Plan into action. Our experts will divide tasks equally among the team to track and measure the progress, manage the quality and budget, mitigate the risks, and stakeholder communication.

Project Closure

With the successful implementation of the project, our project managers give out final deliverables and project resources and review tasks that did not go well, and implement changes for future reference. Our Project Managers highly focus on determining whether project goals were achieved and analyzing the project team’s performance. Finally, releasing the project closure report.

Our Project Management Areas We Expertise in

Our Project Management Services focus on a vast number of parameters that are crucial to the project such as

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    We follow Agile Project Management using SCRUM

    Our Project Managers meticulously follow the Agile Project Management Framework that includes SCRUM. We follow an Agile Project Management system, where phases of a project are completed in parallel to each other by the project team members. It is easier to rectify errors using this method, without having to restart the entire process.

    Our Project Managers focus on the Agile processes that lead the project team to acknowledge quickly, effectively, and efficiently to modifications.  SCRUM is one of the approaches of Agile and is implemented in the form of Sprints that generally last for one to four weeks. SCRUM helps to minimize the project complexity by breaking it down into small manageable tasks that are clearly defined, coded as well as tested discrete in Sprints. Throughout the SCRUM process, Sprint planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospective are conducted.

    Project management
    Procurement Management

    How our Project Management Services benefit Organizations

    Our Project Management services and consulting are implemented by various organizations with a high success rate of maximum projects. The areas that highly contributed to the success of the projects are:

    • High Client satisfaction
    • Focussed on client pain points
    • Ensured better productivity
    • Committed to high quality in lesser time
    • Meticulously met market trends to come up with considerable solutions to complex problems

    Project Management Office (PMO)

    The Project Management Office is a department or group that determines, maintains, and makes sure that Project Management standards are used throughout the organization. The Project Management Office documents the projects and provides direction and KPIs/ metrics of the projects executed under governance.

    It is helpful as organizations tend to get ROI and add value to the stakeholders with the help of projects, portfolio, and program. The PMO is not only part of strategic project management but also ensures portfolio project management.

    PMOs are often considered the backbone of the project management approach and carry crucial functions:

    • Focusses on the accurate decisions made by the required people according to the accurate information.
    • Generate the right information to boost effective decision-making.
    • Support the project team to work more efficiently.
    • Maintain documents, and history of the project.
    Integration Management

    Top Project Management tools we expertise in


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      Our Project Managers are industry experts and often use Project Management Lifecycle to evaluate complex processes and deliver a successful project. We at AKRATECH help and provide services that involve all the basic and complex steps under Project Management.

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