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Over the years we have been offering Full stack design, development, and deployment services across various PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Java technologies on various platforms such as Heroku, AWS, and Azure. AKRA TECH is a leading custom software development company that enables startups & enterprises to meet their business goals through high-quality software products and IT solutions.

Our Full-Stack Expertise in Various aspects

How our Full-Stack Development Services are Beneficial


Akratech Cloud Solutions is a leading expert in the DevOps enterprise and an Advanced Consulting Partner with AWS. AWS is all we do and our business is built around the AWS platform. Whether you need to establish a green-field AWS infrastructure environment, build Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes, or establish mature operational automation of your environment, Akratech’s team of deeply experienced, AWS-certified engineers and architects can help you build DevOps capabilities.

Cloud Migration

We offer a comprehensive and managed cloud migration service by taking accountability for consulting, designing, optimizing, constructing, and monitoring the company’s private cloud and public cloud environments, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, and Google Cloud Platform, deployments.

Data Science & ML

Our machine-learning abilities encompass supervised, unsupervised, and deep learning. We comprehend the challenges that arise during implementation. We will assist you in selecting the best algorithms and accurate models for your situation. In circumstances when none of the available libraries are adequate, our multidisciplinary team of computer science professionals and data scientists may assist in the creation and implementation of novel methods.

full stack development

Have A Full-stack Project in Mind?

Offering Full-Stack Services to implement high-quality software products

    Product Management

    How our Full-Stack Development Services are Beneficial

    • We help to estimate, outline scope, schedule & bring in skilled developers to your project
    • Explicate the architecture & framework for the proposed application
    • Assist in designing Class diagrams, Activity diagrams, Functional Requirement Documents as part of full stack development activities Software Requirement Documents, and use-cases
    • Configured and Deployed AWS servers in development, QA & production environment
    • Performed CI/CD using docker, bitbucket pipelines, Jenkins, etc

    Full-Stack Development Tools & Techniques we use

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