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We use agile delivery methods to reduce risk and give people who will use the new solutions a chance to have their say. We can also apply our agile expertise beyond IT to help you implement wider transformation programmes. With our experienced Technical and Management consultants we have brought in Transformation across various Industries through cutting edge technology. Organizations rely on us to root out fraud, maintain regulatory compliance, reduce legal and IT costs, protect sensitive materials, quickly find facts and harness organizational data to create business value. Our cross-sector expertise and global insights help technology companies compete and thrive in an industry where innovation is both an opportunity and a threat.

  • Big Data & Analytics

    Our Big data and Analytics Consulting services bring in technical & strategic solutions connecting People, Tools, and Data enabling businesses to build capabilities in data mining with insights that can enable better decisions and create value. Our Data Science and business analytics consulting solutions help our clients with real-time insights through predictive analytics guiding business strategies and meeting customer demands.

  • Cloud

    Our Cloud Consulting services are focused on helping customers in effective cloud adoption to ensure better ROI through improved resource utilization, centralized management, automation and deployment of business solutions into Cloud. We enable our customers to operate efficiently by providing a scalable, cost effective environment and in return drive growth and increase revenue.

Product Management
Product Management
  • Cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity refers to preventative methods used to protect information from being stolen, compromised or attacked. It requires an understanding of potential information threats, such as viruses and other malicious code. Cybersecurity strategies include identity management, risk management and incident management. It's extremely important for executives or any business leaders to have a defined concept of what constitutes good cybersecurity and how to protect networks.

  • Blockchain

    Our Block chain consultancy services help build solutions for Healthcare , Manufacturing and Retail Industry. Our Strategic technical consulting processes provides our clients on how to approach Block chain adoption right from including technology selection to management. We deep dive in block chain architecture and development to provide customized services meeting potential business needs. Our consultants work across blockchain platforms - Ethereum, Multichain, Openchain and Hyperledger providing application development services against a specific business use-case.

  • Mobile App

    Our skilled team of mobile app developers creates interactive and robust custom mobile apps for Android and iOS. When developing a mobile application, we pay close attention to the user experience, excellent user interaction, and app usage. We have some of the most knowledgeable mobile app consultants who can accurately assess your business requirements and devise effective strategies for leveraging an agile development model, significantly lowering your TCO and time-to-market.

  • Full-Stack

    Over the years we have been offering Full stack design, development, and deployment services across various PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Java technologies on various platforms such as Heroku, AWS, and Azure. AKRA TECH is a leading custom software development company that enables startups & enterprises to meet their business goals through high-quality software products and IT solutions.

Product Management

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