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Bringing the most valuable talent to organizations with our
Talent Management Services

Our Talent Management System ensures your business gets high-quality candidates

We assist our clients in developing thorough, diligent, seamlessly engaged talent strategies that motivate and engage their employees to perform throughout their organization. These tools are used by our Talent Management Services to support your strategic priorities and give you more confidence.

Our organized team-building models assist organizations in achieving specific goals. In a hybrid matrix environment, the established structure will prioritize cost reduction, performance optimization, and profit maximization.

Building Talent Management Strategies

Akra Tech works with companies to solve a wide range of talent management challenges, from navigating technically complex implementations to diagnosing culture issues to training executives and teams all through the stages of recruitment, hiring, onboarding, and long-term employee experience.



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    Our Talent Management Framework

    We use the Talent Management Framework to help our managers to build staff potential & retain talent through an organized approach. It is crucial for workforce planning & succession planning to help the organization carry out a clear and transparent way to retain, recruit & build talent.

    Training & Development

    We ensure that we have individual Personal Development Plans as an outcome of the Annual Performance Development Review (PDR). It helps our managers to recognize training & development needs through a clear process that includes objective reviews, results & career planning. Our managers ensure the use of various approaches to training such as job rotation, mentoring, e-learning, coaching, job enrichment & training programs.

    Development of Leadership & Management

    As our managers are industry experts, they are full-fledged with the skills, knowledge & behavior to achieve their responsibilities. The Leadership and Management process declares that our managers have their performance measured & recognize areas of improvement.

    Steer Initiative

    Our managers ensure a series of Talent pipelines at different levels and through the steering, they make sure the right talent is identified and developed for future-ready. The talent pipeline will consider employees with accurate talent & potential once the PDR process is completed. Our Steer Initiative approach utilizes a range of learning methods according to a non-qualified route to progression, getting experience through shadowing, project work, coaching, soft-skills training, etc matching an individual’s training & development plan.

    Talent Recruitment

    Our talent managers focus on the skills, behavior & knowledge that are required as per a job description during employee onboarding. Majority of the employees look out for what an organization offers them & how they can grow in the company.


    How our Talent Management is beneficial

    As our industry expert believes in following a systematic approach to talent management, there are various areas that are proven beneficial through our talent management strategy:

    • Helped recognize the needed skills & competencies to support strategic planning & develop high-quality employees.
    • Ensured that employees progress within a company through the right training.
    • Boost employee retention & conserve key talent.

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