IT Infrastructure Solutions & Framework You Can Rely On

The digital world we are living in demands robust and secure IT infrastructure frameworks and ecosystems. With the growing risks and opportunities in the online world, it is imperative that business entities and organizations develop powerful IT strategies and implement dependable IT infrastructure for small businesses and established enterprises.

We, at Akratech, understand the challenges and pain points that businesses continue to face when it comes to IT infrastructure operations and solutions. Our IT if not done optimally can lead to huge costs. Our consultants help clients with end-to-end IT infrastructure optimization. From server capacity planning and setup to complete IT infrastructure management and maintenance – we can help you with all of it.

We carefully and accurately assess the options available as well as the business requirements to identify the best, most optimal infrastructural needs. Over the last decade, Akratech has been delivering infrastructure transformation services to achieve cost-effectiveness while aligning financial performance to the business and IT with a focus on reduction in risks and costs.


IT Infrastructure Operations & Pain Points we help you resolve

  • Issues with data management
  • Ineffective cost management
  • Lack of inefficient data storage
  • Inefficient service partners
  • Absence of sufficient space & power
  • Inaccurate reporting
  • Lack of scalability and agility

IT Infrastructure Solution & Services We Offer

Cloud infrastructure services

Begin your cloud journey with Akratech's cloud infrastructure specialists. They help you design, implement, and optimize your cloud strategy and manage your infrastructure efficiently.

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Network infrastructure solutions

Optimize your network performance by leveraging the power of cloud computing and edge computing. Our network infrastructure consultants help you meet your growing demand for bandwidth and security

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Data center infrastructure services

Akratech's data center specialists help you integrate, transform, and manage your data center infrastructure. Leverage our years of expertise in data centers for seamless maintenance and management of your IT infrastructure and systems.

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Infrastructure security services

Reinforce your customers' support with preventive, proactive threat intelligence carefully woven into your IT infrastructure and network. Our security consultants also help you build a solid infrastructure security policy for your organization.

Providing IT infrastructure support to organizations through our Infrastructure Consulting Services

IT today is very diverse compared to what it used to be a few years ago. And IT Infrastructure Management Services have evolved into the foundation of any enterprise seeking to provide superlative value to its customers. We assist you in bridging this gap by focusing on all of your IT needs from a business standpoint. We future-proof your IT environment by laying a solid foundation for digital business, emphasizing agility, dependability, and time to value while reducing overall technical debt.

Capacity Planning

Our Capacity Planning enables an organization to be prepared for subsequent workloads and easily scale the production infrastructure in response to increased customer traffic. Our rigorous planning processes have assisted our customers in creating a dynamic, resilient, and integrated infrastructure environment.


Provisioning is the establishment, allotment, and removal of infrastructure resources based on Capacity Planning capacity numbers. Servers, containers, storage, networks, IPs, load balancers, and other infrastructure resources will be created and controlled on cloud service providers such as AWS, Azure, GCP, or on-premises.


Deployment entails installing, configuring, releasing, and managing software services on production servers or containers. In this process, deployment takes place within servers or containers created or allocated during the Automated Provisioning of infrastructure resources.

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Empowering Your Infrastructure: Innovative Solutions for Seamless Operations

Optimize your operations with our innovative infrastructure solutions designed for seamless performance and efficiency

remote infrastructure management solutions

Our robust remote infrastructure roadmap, solutions, and models have helped clients worldwide ensure higher availability, better performance, and enhanced utilization through continuous 24x7 monitoring of infrastructure. Our proven remote IT infrastructure operations, methodologies, and processes are known to deliver value through best practices. Our IT infrastructure team is equipped with the necessary tools, expertise, experience, and techniques to ensure the reliability of your remote IT infrastructure.

data center consolidation

Our data center optimization services and techniques have time and again provided multiple tangible benefits to organizations and led to an increased ROI. Our IT infrastructure operations related to data centers include Cloud Assessment, Data Center Transformation, Infrastructure Refresh, Server Consolidation, Storage Migration, Unified Communication and Collaborative Services. We automate the identification of problems through built-in root cause analysis and help bring down resolution time.The processes designed by our IT infrastructure professionals have in the implementation of primary and DR sites which are utilized optimally with improved service levels.

IT infrastructure virtualization

Akratech’s proven virtualization approach and best practices in terms of IT infrastructure setup and implementation provides organizations with optimal servers to manage and support their systems. From Microsoft to Citrix, our IT consultants & professionals have muti-vendor and multi-platform knowledge and expertise. They have vast experience in handling large data center operations. Our consulting services consist of Due-Diligence, Analysis, Architecture & Design, Deployment and Support where we have built flexible & scalable environments to host On-premises or Cloud applications.

why go for it infrastructure

why go for IT infrastructure management services with Akratech

Optimized performance

Enhanced flexibility

Maximized productivity

Increased agility

Prevents security breaches & cyber attacks

Helps in disaster management & recovery

Improved customer experience

Better management


Server Management & Hosting

Over the years, Akratech’s professionals have been addressing our client’s end-to-end server platform needs from design, deployment, and migration to optimization ensuring increased performance. Our end-to-end IT server hosting and management services cover Design, Development, and Operations across Unix-AIX, Solaris, Linux, Windows & Virtualization Servers using automation toolkits across the latest technologies. Our universal IT infrastructure model brings in optimized cost solutions to our customers and effective Infrastructure management.

  • Server Capacity Management
  • Server Up-time – Ensure SLAs
  • Security Management – Threats, Activity Monitoring
  • Server Build & Patch Management
  • Performance Management – Server Tuning, Security
  • Administration – User Management, Site Maintenance
Server management
Storage capacity

storage & capacity Management

Akratech’s IT infrastructure team encompasses experience in delivering cloud capacity management solutions across all enterprise platforms. The services we offer are more economical, secure, and in line with rapidly changing business objectives. We focus on optimizing our client’s cloud computing resources through the use of best-fit technologies while keeping with industry practices and compliance standards.

  • Due-diligence
  • Capacity Assessment
  • Maximize Storage Utilization
  • Increase Operational efficiency
  • Centralized Management Control
Infrastructure Management Services

Our Infrastructure Management Services

Our infrastructure consulting services are comprehensive in nature, providing secure, dynamic & integrated infrastructure solutions that ensure productive growth, high performance, and long-term profits with a return on investment. We tailor our consulting service to our clients business goals, resulting in a higher return on investment. we help our customers build infrastructure in highly available data centers while also ensuring business continuity through disaster recovery sites supported by cutting-edge storage, backup, and recovery systems.

  • Data Center Optimization
  • Operations
  • Performance Management
  • Infrastructure Refresh
  • Asset Management
  • LAN & WAN Infrastructure
  • Network Security
  • Telecom Services
  • Network Integration
  • Vendor Management
  • Technology Assessment
  • Performance & Upgrades
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Capacity Management
  • DR & BCP Planning
  • Cloud Infrastructure Assessment
  • Technology Fitment & Due-diligence
  • Server Management
  • Middle-ware Services
  • Enterprise Computing
  • Onsite / Offshore Technical Support
  • Help desk Setup and Support
  • Workplace Services
  • Refresh and Upgrades
  • Patch Management

Our IT Infrastructure solution tech stack

We would like to serve you through our matured service models which ensure the best quality and minimal cost to our customers. Our talented team of certified & experienced resources work on behalf of the client as we believe there can’t be any better way to understand than putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes.

  • Transact-SQL
  • ETL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft IIS
  • Angular
  • AngularJS
  • AWS
It infrastructure tech stack

IT Infrastructure network & security

We build and run effective IT services covering end-to-end areas of network management. Akratech’s IT infrastructure advisory services have helped our clients consolidate and establish network infrastructure optimally ensuring cost optimization. Our IT network design and integration services support the complete implementation and roll-out of new network infrastructure, including consolidating a secured network infrastructure.

  • Remote Administration & Monitoring
  • Configuration Management
  • Network Build & Integration
  • Installation & Deployment
  • IT Infrastructure Optimization
  • IT Support & Maintenance

Frequently Asked Question

What is web conferencing software?

Web conferencing software is a digital communication technology that enables remote meetings, classes, and other events to be held online. It allows individuals at different sites to collaborate in real-time by exchanging audio, video, and whiteboard sessions and sharing documents on their computers or mobile devices.

What are the benefits of web conferencing ?

Web conferencing offers numerous benefits that make it an attractive option for businesses. It can help to significantly reduce travel costs, save time by eliminating the need to be physically present at meetings, and increase efficiency by enabling real-time collaboration and communications. Web conferencing also enables more people to participate in meetings regardless of their geographic location.

How to ensure secure web conferencing software ?

Yes, web conferencing can be secure. It is important to choose a platform like Akratech that uses encryption and other security measures, such as two-factor authentication, to protect your conference sessions from unwanted access. Also, make sure the platform you use offers secure data storage options for any confidential information that you may need to share during a web conference.