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We design healthcare service that satisfies the needs of your customers. Patients are more involved in their treatment than ever before, and products must be as user-friendly as they are reliable and economical. We provide the highest levels of performance while emphasizing usability.

Over the last decade, we have been delivering Healthcare end-to-end consulting and integration services for the healthcare market to guarantee you have the data, analytics, and technology you require to gain a meaningful market edge.

Patient Management

We help maintain and secure individuals’ “Electronically protected health information” by leveraging the latest technologies. Individual health information is provided “On-demand”, at any time.

Our product services help older adults and their families keep track of lengthy and frequently-changing medication lists. Family caregivers will be able to maintain an online list of medications and specific application which isn’t available in the market.

Product Management
Product Management

Medical History Analysis

Our apps are designed to become as important to clinicians as they are to patients ensuring health record information is secure and handled for data streaming from many sources, including personal health devices.

Our product would help diagnose illness, flag early signs of trouble, allow recovery and rehabilitation to occur closer to home, create virtual workforce capacity, monitor vital signs, analyze blood and urine, track medication adherence, and more. Our product is designed as an intelligent smart healthcare product armed with diagnostic and treatment information capabilities with enhanced features and monitors patients on an ongoing and continuous basis.

Patient Document Workflow

We help investigate the hypothesis and measures to investigate each hypothesis along with complications to watch for Ensure Doctor-patient communication is maintained on a long-term basis and if need be involved in pharmaceutical research we bring in patients based on their willingness to share information and participate in research studies.

Product Management

Our Healthcare Portal Management

We provide a healthcare portal that handles the clinical duties of nurses, physician assistants, and pharmacists and expands the role of nurse practitioners through our platform.

We understand over half of patient encounters could be handled by extenders. Physicians work alongside extenders to help spend more time with patients, better coordinate care, and enjoy more work-life balance.

Few Distinct Salient Features of our Healthcare Service Platform

  • Mobile EMR linking Patients and Doctors
  • Follows HIPAA Standards
  • Problem-Oriented Health Information
  • Preemptive Analysis based on Medication and Medical History
  • Managing Complex ePHI thru SSL encryption
  • The audit log tracks all user activity
Product Management

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