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Our Domain Services

Product Management
  • Electronics

    As the electronics industry is growing so is the complex global market environment which involves the manufacturing and processing of electronic components our consultants help OEM's work through the value chain. We work with specialists and integrators across the industry to help companies in capability building , research & development along with a GO-TO market strategy in mind.

  • Construction Management Services

    AKRA TECH is engaged in providing consultancy services to help clients with the required skills and resources in planning, managing, and controlling a project from inception to steady-state operations.

    We have been performing various roles from Project / Client manager to coordination for a wide variety of Clients and projects across all sectors of the construction industry.

    Our Consultancy services help our customers in arriving at managing finances, and investment decisions, handling the nuances of micro-level construction processes, and effectively mitigate any risks/issues associated with it.

  • Infrastructure

    As Infrastructure today continue to evolve with added complexity we help deliver strategies that saves time and money. We at AT acknowledge the pain which businesses continue to face on investment related to IT infrastructure , if not done optimally can lead to huge costs. Our consultants help customers accurately assess the options available and identify the best and optimal fit for their business needs. Over the last decade we have been delivering Infrastructure Service Transformation to achieve cost effectiveness and financial performance aligning business and IT with reduction in risks and improved end-user experience.

  • Telecommunication

    We provide wide rage of services which includes Commercial and Technical Due-diligence, Market Strategy , Business plan development , Resource provisioning , Technical consultancy etc..keeping with the latest trends in Network and Wireless Technology , Industry Best practices and Optimization. We understand today's Telecom industry is a constantly evolving market and hence our consultants are driven by latest trends, Cloud services , Optimization aligning businesses to defined strategy and goals.

Product Management
Product Management
  • Retail

    Our Expertise in the development of Retail platforms has helped clients in their business of buying, selling, and renting products. Our Project Managers and full-stack web developers help your digital customers have a better shopping experience by creating user-friendly, responsive web pages, Multi-Vendor, Engaging & responsive landing pages, Invoices/ Billings, flow for abandoned carts, cross-sell, chatbots, secure and simple checkout process, and much more.

  • Education

    Our custom eLearning course development services will help your organization's learning curve. Our E-Learning Portal provides a platform to anyone who has a keen interest in participating, contributing, and promoting e-learning and development. We aim toward building e-learning communities and nurturing online learning through our online classroom platform with Video conferencing capabilities to enhance learning, collaboration, research, and teaching.

  • Healthcare

    We design healthcare service that satisfies the needs of your customers. Patients are more involved in their treatment than ever before, and products must be as user-friendly as they are reliable and economical. We provide the highest levels of performance while emphasizing usability. Over the last decade, we have been delivering Healthcare end-to-end consulting and integration services for the healthcare market to guarantee you have the data, analytics, and technology you require to gain a meaningful market edge.

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