Extending the development of Retail Services to Businesses

Expertise in developing Retail Platforms to support clients’ businesses

Our Expertise in the development of Retail platforms has helped clients in their business of buying, selling, and renting products.

Our Project Managers and full-stack web developers help your digital customers have a better shopping experience by creating user-friendly, responsive web pages, Multi-Vendor, Engaging & responsive landing pages, Invoices/ Billings, flow for abandoned carts, cross-sell, chatbots, secure and simple checkout process, and much more.

Our Retail Features

Retail Full-Stack Development Solutions

Our retail platforms run across Full-Stack technologies leveraging AWS cloud services. We follow a complete end-to-end Agile process as part of our retail development, maintenance, and support.

Our enterprise retail applications are robust, modular, and easily customizable across multiple platforms with easy integration with 3rd party products such as Twilio (mobile notifications), Logistics (Fleet management), Accounting Systems such as Quickbooks, etc.

Product Management
Product Management

Retail API Integration

We have integrated with various API services to accomplish the following features-

  • Multi-Vendor Stores
  • 3rd Party Vendors
  • Logistics & Route optimization
  • Custom Calendar Scheduling
  • Fleet management involving in-house and contract drivers
  • Google Map Real-time Tracking
  • Custom Delivery Pickups and Drop-offs
  • SMS Notifications and Alerts
  • Flow for abandoned cart, cross-sell, promotion with template

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