Bringing in Business Transformation through Innovative Consulting
  • Strategic Planning & Development 3

    Strategic Planning & Development

    Emerging Markets

    We focus on emerging markets in Asia through very comprehensive and analytical approach to identify short-term and long term opportunities for growth. We closely work with our partners in achieving the required results.

  • Strategic Planning & Development 2

    Strategic Planning & Development

    Brand Strategy

    Our goal is to enable businesses to reach their full economic potential by creation of new sources of revenue growth through our custom best practices and innovative processes creating distinct brand strategies

  • Strategic Planning & Development

    Strategic Planning & Development

    Corporate / Business Strategy

    Our domain-specific strategy is built upon market assessment, planning, process design, and alliance management. We leverage market research and business analytics to develop robust business unit strategies

  • Customer Relationship Management 3

    Customer Relationship Management

    Customer Acquisition

    Our customer-centric processes and unique experiences in customer life-cycles help in offering innovative ideas & concepts leading to detailed planning, implementation and technical operations aimed at successful acquisition of new customers and strengthen relationship with existing customers.

  • Customer Relationship Management 2

    Customer Relationship Management

    Customer Segmentation

    Our Customer segmentation strategy involves analyzing and building a customer-oriented strategy focusing on nurturing customer loyalty, thereby gaining market share, profitability and business growth. Our solution models help develop customers across all communication and sales channels.

  • Customer Relationship Management

    Customer Relationship Management

    Customer Insights

    Our business processes provides insights with outcome measures such as revenue and profitability built around customer satisfaction. We foster customer satisfying behaviors and implement customer-centric activities generating business value leveraged by marketing efforts and empowering sales to convert leads.

  • Infrastructure Service 3

    Infrastructure Service

    Unified Communication

    Our collaborative services have built in unified communication channels that help our customers connect, engage and interface seamlessly with their stakeholders through a secured infrastructure environment.

  • Infrastructure Service 3

    Infrastructure Service

    Migration Strategy

    We leverage our experienced consultants in helping our customers identify critical Applications and Infrastructure and migrate applications, data, and operating systems towards latest cloud Infrastructure solutions

  • Infrastructure Service

    Infrastructure Service

    Strategic Planning

    We provide our customers with strategic vision and direction towards building a cost effective IT Infrastructure. Our robust planning processes have helped our customers with dynamic, resilient and integrated Infrastructure environment

  • Talent Management Consulting 3

    Talent Management Consulting

    Hybrid Structures

    Our Hybrid Model aligns corporate and divisional goals bringing in functional expertise and efficiency. We have seen adaptability and flexibility in divisions operating in global environment where factors such as degree of international orientation and commitment are quite dependent. We have seen set of evolving relationships and patterns of human interaction within an organisation assisting in accomplishing the work faster.

  • Talent Management Consulting 2

    Talent Management Consultingt


    -Our models facilitate establishment and distribution of authority for vertical coordination and control. Teams would be formed by defined roles (complex activity consisting of a number of interdependent and independent activities) and work process may flow horizontally, diagonally, upwards & downwards. The direction of work flow depends on the distribution of talent and abilities in the organisation and the need to apply them to the problem that exists.

  • Talent Management Consulting

    Talent Management Consulting

    Span of Control

    Our processes are well defined in the use of specialized staff and exercise span of control for managers increased ensuring specialist perform to assist in line while managers are relieved of many functions and specialized decisions. The models have proven interaction between managers and teams better co-ordinating activities besides motivating team members to participate in group decision making leading to creative thinking.

  • Product Development Consulting 3

    Product Development Consulting

    Process & Methodology

    Our process models secure our clients with competitive edge in the market by identifying areas for more efficient product development. We maximize efficiency by following a structured standardization, modularization and automation process. Our quality assurance processes ensure optimized workflows , uniform work processs with standard framework.

  • Product Development Consulting 2

    Product Development Consultingt

    Advisory Services

    Our advisory services are strategic and technical in nature which are focussed towards reduction in product development cycle time, cost savings, effective resource utilization, flexible planning and execution. Our technical consultants who are also strategic specalists work closely with product teams to build innovative solutions to our clients.

  • Product Development Consulting

    Product Development Consulting


    Innovation is the heart of our product development strategy as we build and own successful product implementation capabilities we enable our client to optimize products to meet the ever changing market conditions. Our robust product development life-cycle focuses on bringing ideas which help bring in sustainable business models and faster time to market.

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