Company Registration Portal helps businesses to register for LLC (Limited-Liability-Company).
This portal helps small-scale to large-scale businesses register their company through the versatile features offered.
The portal offers LLC formation for 51 states with a wide variety of services and features offered. Their simple, speedy, and stress-free service enables businesses to create an LLC without any hassle. With an easy taxation-free documentation process, pre and post-purchase details, and increased security, this portal will set a huge milestone for all businesses to create an identity.
This portal has been developed with utmost security and optimized API performance.

A tool that scrutinizes websites for security and privacy. The algorithm delves into the site’s forms, cookies, and external links, offering insights into third-party associations. With user-consented scans, it provides a detailed summary of website cookies. Data is stored for future reference, creating a holistic solution. The user-friendly interface and deployment on Flask, along with an aesthetic theme, contribute to a tool that demystifies website security and privacy.

Kids Storytelling Platform is a website that has been created to provide children with a fun and engaging platform to enhance their creativity and writing skills. The website offers a range of features that are specifically designed to cater to the needs of elementary school students. One of the most notable features of the Kids Storytelling Platform is WriteStories, an innovative platform that provides children with an exceptional opportunity to engage with a fully published children’s picture book.

Our SaaS solution TEACH COURSES LIVE helps you get connected wherever you are using the best of the online classroom features that we have to offer. Whatever type of meetings you have – Business, Professional, or the field we are there for you to stay connected
Our user-friendly online classroom platform helps you to schedule public or private classes.

A Saas application for students in US who would want to enroll for ‘Universal Flight Training’ programs. The application helps students who wish to become a Successful Pilot, by providing them a Portal which covers essential Information like Eligibility, Course enrollment , Search available ‘Flight Schools’ in their Locality, Track training leading to certification and many more.

Our SaaS online classroom solution Farlanes ( helps you get connected wherever you are using the best of the video conferencing features that we have to offer. Whatever your type of meetings you have – Business , Professional or on Field Farlanes is there for you to stay connected