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We specialize in Research, Academic Analysis , Investigative knowledge and publishing papers

Academic Center of Excellence (COE)

We are passionate about research and investigative knowledge building. We have published a number of academic articles and whitepapers through our statistical and qualitative analysis.

Our team of writers & researchers have helped publish creative work across various categories such as Technology, Management, Engineering, Science and much more. Our papers are prepared through in-depth research with a focussed approach  toward creative writing, free of plagiarism and substantive findings

Building Talent Management Strategies

We help our clients in building talent management strategy and focussing on investments that are aligned to business goals and objectives. We believe that our client's should have insight into their employees evolving needs so as to create meaningful employee value propositions that align with talent management strategy.

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July 10, 2017

An Architectural Project Management Office Approach

January 16, 2018

Our Agile Life Cycle Management

June 11, 2017

Our Project Management Implementation

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    Akratech offers managers on contract with experience in various backgrounds for many years.

    Our Project Managers are industry experts and often use Project Management Lifecycle to evaluate complex processes and deliver a successful project. We at AKRATECH help and provide services that involve all the basic and complex steps under Project Management.

    We focus on building products according to the Agile methodology. To ensure the success of the product with negligible issues, we break down the Agile Development cycle into short development cycles.

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